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Philippi – CARA wall clock – White

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Philippi – Tempus Alarm Clock A1

When a soft and steady ?beep-beep-beep!? fills the room, the TEMPUS alarm clock is already awake and doing its duty. By applying slight pressure on the snooze-button, TEMPUS gives one an additional five minutes to snooze; however, TEMPUS never lets up. By just pressing the button again, a little lamp...
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Philippi – Touch clock

The TOUCH clock is truly special; small, discrete and simply extraordinary. Any minor pressure on its Plexiglas? display turns the illumination on; changing the time to a temperature, date or stopwatch function. An additional gimmick is the ?Quitting Time? alarm function. Height: 8.8 cm Please allow approx 3 weeks for...
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Philippi -NIGHTWATCH radio-controlled wallclock

NIGHTWATCH Radio-Controlled Wallclock radio-clock with silent pointers sporty design pointers glow in the dark Physics or magic? Silent but luminous! As if its deep black appearance wasn´t impressive enough by daylight, the neon green fluorescent hands silently provide reliable information about the current time, even when it´s pitch dark. Dimensions:...
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PHILIPPI – Tempus Radar Love Wallclock

Aluminium, clockwork with sweep movement Please allow approx 3 weeks for despatch plus your chosen delivery method (subject to stock)
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Philippi – Scroll photo and clock

SCROLL has a surprising function and is similar to a rotating globe. SCROLL reliably displays the time of day on the front side; rotate the ball and you?ll see your favorite photo on the other; you decide what you want to focus on. Diameter: 11 cm Please allow approx 3...
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