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PHILIPPI – Cannes champagne tub, double wall

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PHILIPPI – Noci nutcracker

Nut Crackers This new PHILIPPI Item is an essential in every house hold, the noci nutcracker is a stylish and modern take on an all-time classic item. Perfect for all times of year the noci nutcracker is great for all different kind of nuts making it a must have for...
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Philippi – Monte Carlo floorbased bottle cooler

Wine Cooler Named after one of the world’s most exclusive locations, this 45 cm high floor bottle cooler MONTE CARLO with its breathtaking, self-confident appearance, greets its guests as a silent co-host. This champagne reception’s gallant sidekick cannot be overseen and with this mirrored exterior, will draw many “oooohs!” and...
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Philippi – Fontaine Etagere > Vase

DECORATIONS ON VARIOUS TIERS The FONTAINE etagere is a two-tier presentation plate and filigree vase all at once! As if the pralines, petit fours and other tasty items appear to be floating on air, these two shiny reflecting plates make it difficult in resisting to help oneself to those goodies!...
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Philippi – Nizza champagne cooler

Champagne Cooler Even before the mirroring shine of the NIZZA champagne cooler touches any kind of ice cubes, it can already be called cool. The voluminous, bulbous shape receives additional elegant coolness from its double-walled shape for long-lasting low temperatures. From that point of view, nights can become longer if...
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Philippi – Charly nut dispenser

Table Extras Philippi – Charly nut dispenser Even the CHARLY nut dispenser’s look is a pleasure. At first glance, getting snack fun from the polished stainless steel gets you curious – CHARLY reveals its true qualities; the smart peanut-server has a clever function. Thanks to its ingenious watering can shape,...
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Philippi – Swirl napkin rings 4 pcs

Swirl napkin rings 4 pcs Stylish, elegant and particularly original: that is now SWIRL presents its napkin ring set with their curvaceous design. The curve around itself is a shape so unique, that it?s made SWIRL a true generation-overlapping classic since 2004; these napkin rings enhance any dining table, independent...
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Philippi – Mug chopsticks 2 pairs

Asian cuisine from China, Japan or Thailand, has proven its versatility and has captured the world by storm! The dining culture from the Chinese Dim Sum, Japanese Sushi or Thai curry dishes, includes eating with chopsticks; as knives are traditionally only used as a kitchen tool and never placed on...
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Philippi – Diabolo pepper shaker

The ANGELO salt shaker angelically refine your foods, whereas the fiery counter-part DIABLO ensures pepperiness. In the meanwhile, these zesty figures have practically achieved cult status, and render a charming wink to any table. Height 7cm Please allow approx 3 weeks for despatch plus your chosen delivery method (subject to...
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Philippi – Elbharmone salt & pepper

A TRIBUTE TO HAMBURG The Designer Steve McGugan tells us the following about the salt and pepper shakers ELBHARMONIE: ?Whenever I stop in from Copenhagen and visit Hamburg, the world?s gateway, I?m fascinated by the development taking place on the philharmonie?s construction site at the Elbe river. I find the...
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Philippi – Luna round tray

SERVING UNDER THE MOON`S LIGHT Not only does the LUNA tray look great, it?s light as a feather and the tray?s surface renders magical reflections. Thanks to the raised edge, glasses & bowls remain secure. And since the edge has different widths, it can be easily held tight by little...
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