Philippi – Angelo salt shaker

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Philippi – Stand wine bottle holder

Good wine is one of the ultimate exquisite pleasures. They underline a wonderful meal, add a finishing touch to special moments, indulge one?s taste buds and please the senses. Good wines have indeed and without a doubt earned an honorable moment. The wine bottle holder STAND beds these good wines...
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Philippi – Lazy Susi rotating plate

The LAZY SUSI platter is excellently appropriate for arranging fruits, cake or even canap?s; a great accessory that allows snacking from all sides. The exclusive rotating glass platter lies on a powder-coated steel base with enclosed integrated ball-bearings. Diameter: 35 cm Please allow approx 3 weeks for despatch plus your...
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PHILIPPI – Eliza pitcher

stoneware, glazed inside, 28 (h) cm, 1l Please allow approx 3 weeks for despatch plus your chosen delivery method (subject to stock)
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Philippi – Wave Butter Knife, 2pcs

The WAVE butter knives come in a pair and are definitely incomparable. With a softly curved line and a heavy-duty weight of 45g per knife, it lies comfortably in one?s hand and easily spreads along breads and baguettes. Haptically sensual yet a most sensible supplement that adds an extra attraction...
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Philippi – Cocoon fruit bowl

Fruit Bowl Is it a stone, an UFO or really a cocoon? Let your imagination run wild as to what the futuristic fruit bowl COCOON reminds you of. COCOON?s function is also very versatile: It?s up to you and what you would like to store; fruits, nuts, sweets or everyday...
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Philippi – Luca wine set 3 pcs set

The LUCA wine set is the perfect gift for all lovers of good wine and exquisite design. The set is comprised of a seal cutter, corkscrew and wine bottle collar and offers everything needed for opening and enjoying a bottle of wine. LUCA is delivered in a wonderful gift box....
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Philippi – Cocoon Champagne Cooler + Tulip

Champagne or tulips couldn?t be presented any classier – at best, with both next to each other! COCOON is an exquisite handcrafted premium piece of art and very elegant. Whether it?s used as a champagne cooler or tulip vase, the bubbly as well as enchanting flowers, when staged in COCOON...
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Philippi – Gravity table cloth magnet ball 4 pcs

Simple and just as beautiful, the tablecloth magnet GRAVITY BALLS hold your tablecloth in place; no summer breeze can change that fact. The magnets are clamped on the ends of the tablecloth. Stylish and practical at the same time. Diameter: 3.3 cm Please allow approx 3 weeks for despatch plus...
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Philippi – Wave cheese knife, 3 pcs set

Making precious cheese is an art and to that effect, its consumption is definitely worth celebrating. This is the perfect occasion for the elegant 3-piece WAVE cheese knives set. Thanks to their balanced weightiness, they are lie well in the hand and are eye-catchers at the same time. Reduced to...
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Philippi – Wave BBQ 4 pcs set

This is big time for any chef working the grill. Who says that man?s favorite summer pastime has to waive exclusive design? Hotdogs and Co. would certainly look forward to luxurious handling. The WAVE BBQ Set is comprised of a knife, fork, tongs and spatula in comfortable lengths of 34...
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