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Philippi – 365 Magnetic Calendar

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Philippi – Donatella Magnifying Mirror

BEAUTY, THREE TIMES THE SIZE With its triple magnification, the snow white DONATELLA mirror is a best friend (in any case!) and a huge help too in getting that eyeliner accurately applied. In addition, the make-up mirror can be flexibly and arbitrarily adjusted to any position; turning it back and...
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Philippi – Lala Mind Pauser

Philippi LaLa Mind Pauser The LALA hour-glass shape is a beautiful desk toy from the PHILIPPI collection. Just like the name suggests this item really makes you think! There take on a classic hourglass but with magnets is as mystifying as it is beautiful, creating unique shapes with each use...
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Philippi Extravaganza Globe Puzzle

Extravaganza puzzle globe. This noble piece of design has earned rightfully the name EXTRAVAGANZA. Not only jigsaw puzzle fans are in awe, but globetrotters and faddists of extraordinary design as well. The magnetic globe is mounted on a chromed pedestal and is made up of 72 puzzle pieces. Get your...
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Philippi – Eselsohr Bookmark

BOOKWORMS AND FANS – HERE?S A HEADS UP! The literal translation of ?Eselsohr? is ?donkey?s ear?. In English however, it is referred to as ?dog-ear? ? PHILIPPI has taken the term ?ESELSOHR? one step further! Instead of unattractive folded corners to keep your mark, this striking leather book mark peeks...
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Philippi – Mein Baum pencil sharpener + eraser

Pencil Sharpener It’s not even an exaggeration to say that this is by far the universe’s cutest and most beautiful pencilsharpener. The cuddly, little green tree takes over the task of the eraser – admittedly, it’s almost toocute for that use. But the true qualities are, once again, hidden inside:...
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Philippi Riccio Star Ball Gold

Star Ball Impressive and creative, these are the first words that spring to mind when you see this item, perfect for a festive time of year these star globes have a powder coating on them to create a matt type finish, the weight of these items is an impressive 1...
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Philippi – Malo stress killer “luxury version”

Desk extra Philippi – Malo stress killer “luxury version” People need relaxation! And nothing is better to do so than with MALO. The 200 steel balls on the magnetic base can be stacked or arranged however you wish, or shaped to abstract figures. The revised luxury version of the pleasantly...
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Philippi Hamburger Heart

Decorations Philippi – Hamburger L, dark red The HAMBURGER HEART originates from the city where hospitality and cordiality are at home.On the day of loved ones, this is the perfect gift from the heart. This charming decoration’s unique message leaves no questions unanswered; easily hung on its hemp string wherever...
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Philippi – Lala Meeting timer – 1 Hour

Sand Timer A New Philippi Product the follows in the glory of the Lala Mind Pauser. The Lala Meeting timer is a sandtimer that last 1 hour making it a perfect addition of any Office and home. .             Please allow approx 3 weeks for...
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Philippi – Bell porters bell

Ring my bell?PHILIPPI?s classic BELL is not only is it a ?must-have? for any reception desk or hotel lobby, BELL concierge bell is most suitable for private rooms as well. Besides its great look, its rich sound makes it particularly useful. S – ? 9 cm Please allow approx 3...
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