Solo were established in 1991, and in intervening the 25 years, personalisation has been one of the most striking developments in the retail consumer market. Back in 1991, the idea of an individual personalised product was considered old-hat, consigned to “fuddy-duddy” mail-order catalogues aimed at the over-60s. But that has changed dramatically over the past 5 years or so. With online developments and advances in digital process and mass customisation techniques, the personalisation market has been one of the few success stories in the retail market in recent times.

As Solo’s core “Classics” range is packed full of silver products suitable for engraving, Solo is one of the leading suppliers to the Personalisation market; from clocks to cufflinks, and keyrings to business card cases. Solo established one of the very first personalisation website in the UK and still runs it to this day (albeit very much as a sideline to the core business). Creative Director, Tanya Ross, explains, “Running our own personalisation website allows us to get a first-hand view of what works and what doesn’t; what the consumer is really looking for, what type of product, and essentially at what price. We often trial products before offering them to the trade which means we can stay ahead of the competition and give our wholesale customer what they need at the right price”.

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Solo have eight computerised diamond engraving machines so can offer same day turnaround on drop-ship engraving with a highly flexible approach which can accommodate working from emails to dovetailing with existing portals. We also are very happy to supply plain-stock working with forecasts for huge quantities to regular call-offs for “ones-and-twos”; so whatever you need from a personalisation product supplier, Solo can help. We are also flexible on price, so ask about our quantity discounts and special personalisation deals.