Solo are always adding to their comprehensive collection. New products are launched every month and we try to keep you as up to date with emailers and at exhibitions as much as possible.

Solo’s Creative Director, Tanya Ross, explains the strategy, “In the past, it was the norm to launch new products only for the two buying seasons in Spring and Autumn, and even though that is still the case for a lot of the suppliers for the gift and promotional markets, we believe that our customers look for “newness” all through the year. They want to feel that every time they see us at an exhibition, or when they visit the website, there will be exciting new gift ideas that they haven’t seen before”.

So Solo’s “NEW” category is always changing and being updated. In addition to Solo’s own Classics and Artisan ranges, Solo are also proud to be PHILIPPI’s exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland. PHILIPPI are synonymous around the world for style and quality, and, like Solo, are constantly updating their ranges with a new catalogue every September always packed full of new ideas, and exciting seasonal selections for Spring and Christmas.

Of course, all of these new products mean that we need to sadly say goodbye to some old favourites. But the good news for Solo customers is that means we always have some fantastic offers for end-of-line items – check the website for the latest bargains. But hurry! As the saying goes; when they’re gone, they’re gone.